[icecast-dev] Some diffs to libshout for MacOSX

Stephen Brandon stephen at brandonitconsulting.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 11:06:27 PST 2002


Thanks for applying these patches - that's great.

We're about to release the latest version of our SndKit frameworks, which 
require libshout to be installed in order to compile. Up until now we have 
provided the set of patches that we sent to you, and instructed people to 
download the iceS-0.2.2 package, apply the patches, and compile from there.

What we'd prefer though is to be able to point people to a tarball with the 
authoritative source code, and not have to apply patches or even use CVS to 
get the package.

So, what we've decided to do is to ask you if you could please make a tarball 
of the ices/libshout package as you have done before, as release 0.2.3, or 
alternatively to just tag libshout in CVS, and put the tarball on your 
website as a standalone bundle as you did with the much older version (0.1.0 
if I remember correctly). [It's only libshout that is required for our work]

I suppose the latter would be easiest to do - do you think you would be able 
to make a tarball and put it up on your ftp site, with a link from the 
icecast web pages, in the next day or two?

On behalf of the MusicKit/SndKit team,
Stephen Brandon
stephen at brandonitconsulting.co.uk

PS if possible, it would be great if you could also apply the other MinGW 
patches I sent the other day!

PPS sorry, I nearly forgot to add - in libshout/shout.h, in the prototype for 
the shout_strerror() function, you use the word "namespace" as an argument 
identifier. Some of our users who are using this in C++ projects report that 
this use of a reserved word causes a compiler error when the header is 
imported. Could you please also just change this use of the keyword to an 
alternative? It will of course cause no side effects. Thanks!

char *shout_strerror(shout_conn_t *self, int error, char *namespace, int 

<p>On Friday 08 Feb 2002 3:28 pm, you wrote:
> I've applied this, with the difference that the select timeout is 30
> seconds to match the poll timeout. It looks like libshout treats a
> timeout as a fatal error?
> On Monday, 04 February 2002 at 08:32, SKoT McDonald wrote:
> > Resubmission of patches with curteous nods from the MusicKit Project...
> >
> > - SKoT

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