[icecast-dev] Icecast with WinAmp as a stramer

Anders Jensen aj at yanet.dk
Mon Dec 2 02:24:59 PST 2002

At 03:24 02-01-2003, Saiful Azian declared:
>I gat my streamer connected to to Icecast server, but whenever client try 
>connect to icecast_server:8000, i gat msg "no encoder"  in server console 
>users was kicked-out.  My client uses WinAmp, any clue?

First you start the Icecast server with a password
Then you start a shouter (that can either be a winamp with plugin that 
creates stream for Icecast server or a standalone streamer like streamcast, 
icecast or others..) that connects to the server using password.

Then you can connect a winamp for listning to the server at port 8000 

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