[icecast-dev] IPv6 support for Icecast server

Cougar cougar at random.ee
Fri Nov 30 15:04:01 PST 2001


I looked at CVS and this mailing list and didn't find anything regarding
IPv6 support. I found old patches from KAME and one IPv6-only implementation
(http://www.bugfactory.org/~gav/ipv6/icecast-1.3.11-ipv6.diff.gz) only.

Therefore I decided to do this work again and as good as possible. I
integrated IPv6 into configure script which allows to use te same code
both for IPv4 and IPv6 environment. Only thing to do for IPv6 support is
use "--enable-ipv6" for configuration script.

Because I didn't create new config.h.in and configure, you should use
autoheader and autoconf before. This is how to do it for source release

cd icecast-1.3.11
patch -p1 < icecast-1.3.11.dif
./configure --enable-ipv6

For CVS version look at INSTALL file.

I'm waiting comments on my patch. Also I'm interesting in hearing about
other usable IPv6 patches for Icecast if exist.

You can try my test servers

IPv6-enabled server, listens ::ffff: (runs in IPv4 mode)

Another IPv6-enabled server, listens 3ffe:200:48::25 (only IPv6 access)

The first one is relay for IPv4 server (http://www.monkeyradio.org/), the
second one is relay for first server (http://icecast.kpnqwest.ee:8000/metal)
and latest is pure IPv6 stream from ices (patch also available)

Status of these servers are viewable from
http://www.ipv6.kpnqwest.ee/icecast/ or http://www.ipv4.kpnqwest.ee/icecast/

Only limitation is currently URLs in configuration file where colons are
not allowed. This means that all URLs should use canonical names instead
of hexadecimal addresses.

ices patch (libshout actually) is a quite dirty hack without any
configuration support right now..

Patches are available at





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