[foms] next "FOMS" workshop

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 23:26:53 PDT 2011

Hi all,

This year, the Open Video Conference will be taking place on the
10-12th September in New York. I was asked to have FOMS included in
the conference and I've worked with Ben Moskowitz on sorting out the
best way.

OVC supposedly have an awesome venue with many rooms and are planning
something very different to previous years: something much more

There will be workshops in three domains: creative, policy and technical.

The workshops will be about a particular current topic in the domain
and will all be outcome focused.

In the technical space that means there will be workshops for users to
learn how to work with certain technology and produce some examples
(e.g. work with popcorn.js or Firefox Rainbow etc).

Also - and this is probably mostly due to the way in which we ran FOMS
in the last two years - they want to have *developer-centric*
workshops very much along the FOMS spirit.

However, rather than have a single "FOMS" track, we decided to
identify some key technical issue beforehand and pull out working
groups for these up front. Topics that I have suggested are:

* HTTP adaptive streaming (yes, to continue the discussions from last year)
* Browser video metrics/stats
* HTML5 video accessibility
* WebRTC (which was already a topic)
* Camera and microphone interfaces (which also already was a topic)

(Do we need something about codecs?)

In addition to this I suggested to hold a single "Open Media Software
Developers" get-together at the beginning of the conference to do what
we have done in previous FOMSes: introduce ourselves and express the
things that currently bug us and that we would like to discuss with
others. If we identify anything that hasn't got a breakout group yet,
we have the chance to actually create such a group. There seem to be
sufficient rooms available to accommodate this. We could presumably
even have a permanent hacking room where we can catch up when nothing
else is on.

But first let me ask this question: Does anyone here have any other
ideas for breakout groups for OVC that we should definitely have and
that I missed above?

I hope you're putting the OVC date in your diaries and starting to
plan the trip, because I think - even though we are ripping FOMS apart
- the spirit of FOMS is actually moving into this larger thing that is
called OVC and it will be totally awesome.


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