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Philip Jägenstedt philipj at opera.com
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Good new, I'll be attending this year as well. As a topic of particular  
interest to me, I might add <track> and WebVTT.

Will there be a dedicated FOMS website, or is it merging completely with  


On Thu, 16 Jun 2011 08:26:53 +0200, Silvia Pfeiffer  
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> Hi all,
> This year, the Open Video Conference will be taking place on the
> 10-12th September in New York. I was asked to have FOMS included in
> the conference and I've worked with Ben Moskowitz on sorting out the
> best way.
> OVC supposedly have an awesome venue with many rooms and are planning
> something very different to previous years: something much more
> productive.
> There will be workshops in three domains: creative, policy and technical.
> The workshops will be about a particular current topic in the domain
> and will all be outcome focused.
> In the technical space that means there will be workshops for users to
> learn how to work with certain technology and produce some examples
> (e.g. work with popcorn.js or Firefox Rainbow etc).
> Also - and this is probably mostly due to the way in which we ran FOMS
> in the last two years - they want to have *developer-centric*
> workshops very much along the FOMS spirit.
> However, rather than have a single "FOMS" track, we decided to
> identify some key technical issue beforehand and pull out working
> groups for these up front. Topics that I have suggested are:
> * HTTP adaptive streaming (yes, to continue the discussions from last  
> year)
> * Browser video metrics/stats
> * HTML5 video accessibility
> * WebRTC (which was already a topic)
> * Camera and microphone interfaces (which also already was a topic)
> (Do we need something about codecs?)
> In addition to this I suggested to hold a single "Open Media Software
> Developers" get-together at the beginning of the conference to do what
> we have done in previous FOMSes: introduce ourselves and express the
> things that currently bug us and that we would like to discuss with
> others. If we identify anything that hasn't got a breakout group yet,
> we have the chance to actually create such a group. There seem to be
> sufficient rooms available to accommodate this. We could presumably
> even have a permanent hacking room where we can catch up when nothing
> else is on.
> But first let me ask this question: Does anyone here have any other
> ideas for breakout groups for OVC that we should definitely have and
> that I missed above?
> I hope you're putting the OVC date in your diaries and starting to
> plan the trip, because I think - even though we are ripping FOMS apart
> - the spirit of FOMS is actually moving into this larger thing that is
> called OVC and it will be totally awesome.
> Cheers,
> Silvia.
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