[foms] Thanks to the FOMS team

tracey jaquith tracey at archive.org
Thu Oct 28 19:06:55 PDT 2010

a late "me too" from myself as well!

I had a great time and will make sure to try to make the next one, both days, as I found
this conference wonderfully techie and video heavy (sounds like heaven, no? 8-)

Thanks for including me and the Internet Archive in the FOMS community.
Thanks especially Sylvia for all your great work on this.  I really enjoyed how you
got the conference agenda to go -- have us all short spiel and then take followup
topics to figure out a schedule.  That was really great.   I will make sure not to miss day #2
next time!

I've been a bit overwhelmed at work (with > 40 days out of office this summer/fall... 8-)
but I'll try to touch base with folks who've emailed me (or we are set to touch base)
as soon as I can.

We're loving all the opensource tools that most of you are making here at archive.org
and we'll prolly re-transcode all our ~400K videos sometime in 2011 (hopefully adding
WebM formats and updating our theora and h.264 formats).

Cheers, all!

On Oct 11, 2010, at 4:03 PM, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> Indeed - I really enjoyed the meeting and contributing where I could, 
> even if I didn't have the same deep technical skills as everyone else.
> --Chris
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