[foms] Proposal: adaptive streaming using open codecs

Jeroen Wijering jeroen at longtailvideo.com
Mon Oct 18 11:52:01 PDT 2010

On Oct 18, 2010, at 3:24 PM, Andoni Morales wrote:

>>> Has Zaheer commented on another thread we have a proof-of-concept demo
>>> of fragmented streaming using webm, vp8 and vorbis (it's codec
>>> agnostic and should work with any codec supported by matroska) using
>>> apple's playlists. We have been testing it with the HLS player[1] we
>>> wrote for apple's http live streaming and a patch for gstreamer to
>>> support demuxing fragmented matroska files.  We are working to make it
>>> land in Flumotion's public repo very soon so that you guys can test
>>> it.
>>> Andoni
>>> [1]http://gitorious.org/hls-player/hls-player
>> Is it following the above format syntax? If so, that's great!
> The syntax is the same as the one in apple's draft, so yes :)
> We haven't done any work in the client side yet, only basic playback
> using a simple hls player. I have read that vlc guys added support for
> hls, it would be great to have them supporting webm/matroska too using
> the same syntax.

Indeed, JB sent a confirmation around for (M2TS) HLS support in VLC. 

Note the Roku settop box also supports HLS now. I wonder what projects like Boxee, Miro, XBMC and - most importantly - Google TV (both web and apps) are planning for in this area...

- Jeroen

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