[foms] Proposal: adaptive streaming using open codecs

Steve Lhomme slhomme at matroska.org
Mon Nov 15 09:48:09 PST 2010

Doesn't it lead to more sync issues when the files you received are
not interleaved ? The 2 streams may not load at the same speed (once
better cached than the other for example). It also makes it harder to
estimate the current download speed... That's an edge case, but
precisely the kind of odd network behaviour that "adaptative"
streaming is meant to handle.

One big pro for non interleaved is that switching between languages
(or regular/commentary track) is a lot easier and the only reasonable
way to handle it server side.

On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 8:37 PM, Chris Pearce <chris at pearce.org.nz> wrote:
> On 13/11/2010 7:29 a.m., Frank Galligan wrote:
>> With the proposal API below we are implying that to do
>> client adaptive streaming, the content creator must use interleaved
>> chunks, which I think we talked about before and the consensus was not
>> the preferred choice.
> It was also my impression that breaking files into already interleaved
> chunks was not the preferred choice. I think the idea of defining an
> "append already interleaved chunk" API was a temporary measure to get a
> demo working sooner so that we can tests switching heuristics and the like.
>> [...]
>> 3. Chunks are virtual within files with separate files for all streams.
>> [...]
>> I think we should be leaning towards #3.
> I agree.  This seems the most flexible, and least cumbersome. Long term
> I think we should aim for this.
> Regards,
> Chris P.
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