[foms] MPEG documents

Mark Watson watsonm at netflix.com
Wed Dec 1 11:47:48 PST 2010


It turns out the MPEG documents in the approval process are on an open website - I just discovered this.

The DASH Committee Draft is at http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc29/open/29view/29n11662t.doc
The draft amendment to the ISO File Format is here: http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc29/open/29view/29n11682t.doc

The latter contains some new boxes proposed to be used with DASH, for example the Segment Index Box and Track Fragment Decode Time box.

Please be careful with these - although the documents passed some milestones last month, the word DRAFT still has real meaning here. In particular there will definitely be minor changes to the Segment Index Box. I'm happy to advise anyone who is interested, though, on the latest status. Or if anyone has comments on this work I'm in a position to feed those back and influence the process.

It's obvious as soon as you open this document that it contains a lot of stuff which is not necessary for initial deployments. I expect there to be a process to "profile" this down to a sensible subset.

I understand in this forum there may be a preference for a simpler, bottom up, approach (as discussed in some other threads). What I think is most important is to agree first the abstract data model and supported features - then it can be mapped to whatever is your favorite manifest and file format.


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