[Flac-users] Quicktime plug-in?

Brian Offermann boffermann at comcast.net
Wed Sep 24 15:05:07 PDT 2003

try this site first:


I don't think they have flac yet, but they were the ones working on 
vorbis for quicktime (and thus iTunes)... and someone started a speex 
project there too.  If someone would volunteer to add a flac component, 
I'm sure it would happen.  Check their user support forums... there has 
been interest for a flac component.  This is probably where such a 
plugin should come from... it's semi-official yet open source.  If you 
have programming skills, consider joining the project!

other places to check:

The videolan client supports most of the xiph projects (among other 
things)... they're open source so you could see how they got things 
working on OS X and PPC.  vlc is what the quicktime player would be if 
it worked on linux, and vlc handles lots of those odd codecs that 
quicktime struggles with.


Or ask this guy, he wrote a flac encoder with a Mac interface.  Last 
time I checked, it didn't support flac playback:


Some of the people behind the whamb player might be interested.  Their 
player is the only one I know of for the mac that handles ogg streams.


Flac is really cool... I imagine it would be popular with pro-audio 
types.  If EMagic's Logic and their sampler (EXS24) supported it, or 
Apple's tools like Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Soundtrack worked 
with the format, it would really catch on.

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