[Flac-users] documentation

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 22 16:08:01 PDT 2003

--- Jure Pecar <pegasus at nerv.eu.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm preparing a little presentation of flac at the local audio club
> and i'm
> looking for some documentation about flac: how/why it came into
> being, some
> technical info ... I've googled up pretty much everything else i
> wanted.

what tech info specifically is missing from the website?  you
can get the how/why from an old version of the front page:


(see the "message from the maintainer" section)

> Also, i remember an ask slashdot some time ago about flac licence.
> Now i'm
> unable to dig it up ... does anyone have a direct link?

the article:


the license (after joining Xiph):



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