[Flac-users] Re: troubles with 1.0.3 beta4's front-end

David W. Tamkin dattier at panix.com
Mon Sep 2 11:32:11 PDT 2002

Josh, as always, thank you for your prompt answers.

| > Was there a problem or wasn't there?
| Depends if you need the 'list' subchunk.  It is WAVE metadata,
| not audio, and FLAC only stores 'fmt ' and uncompressed PCM audio
| 'data' subchunks.  I need to do a FAQ and this would be on it but
| look for my response in this thread:
| http://forums.FurthurNET.com/viewtopic.php?t=4213&start=34

Great, yet more places to go to get the full story.  Plus, every time there's
a web-based discussion area, it means learning another type of BBS software.
That's one of the advantages of mailing lists: you read them all the same way
and you post to them all the same way.

So the skipped sub-chunk was insignificant, yet FLAC still gave me a dire
warning about it and claimed to have done an incomplete job of encoding the
audio.  The sky wasn't falling; there wasn't even any rain.  It's more as if
the tide were coming in while we were up in the hills.

After going from WAV -> FLAC with warnings -> WAV, EAC said the two WAVs were
identical.  The metadata had to be different, because FLAC had discarded some
of it, so I guess EAC compares only the audio data.  I could try comparing
them as raw files, but I deleted the extra copies.

| The FLAC Frontend is not actually part of the FLAC project;
| it's done by an independent developer.  Try getting in contact
| with him via his site:
| http://home.wanadoo.nl/~w.speek/flac.htm

And he doesn't read this list?  Wonderful, more need to check more places.  Ah
well; thank you for the pointer, Josh.


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