[Flac-users] more front-end trouble

David W. Tamkin dattier at panix.com
Sun Sep 1 21:01:45 PDT 2002

Two wavs I tried to encode tonight got errors near their ends, saying
something like "skipped unknown sub-chunk 'LIST'."  These occurred at 97% into
one file and 98% into the other.  If I hadn't brought the DOS command window
to the foreground and hadn't been at the monitor watching before these
warnings were scrolled away by the displays from work on other files in the
batch, I wouldn't have known: the front-end reported nothing about the errors.

The wavs were ripped by EAC, and I couldn't imagine what might be troublesome
about them.  I resaved them with GoldWave and re-flacced them, but FLAC gave
the same warnings.  The resulting .flac files played properly in WinAmp, and
the wavs I decoded from them matched exactly (according to EAC's Compare Wavs
function) to the originals from which they had been encoded.

Was there a problem or wasn't there?

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