[flac-dev] How to change the dynamic library project name ogg to libogg?

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Tue Jun 6 19:39:31 UTC 2023

On 06.06.2023 22:33, Martijn van Beurden wrote:
> Hi,
> This rabbit hole went quite a bit deeper than I expected. Apparently,
> CMake prepends 'lib' to library names for unix like environments
> (including MinGW) but not for Visual Studio. So, when building on
> Windows, you get either libFLAC.dll and libogg.dll or FLAC.dll and
> ogg.dll depending on what toolchain you're using. I'm not quite sure
> whether this makes sense. I've tried quite a few ways to override this
> behaviour, but the most obvious solutions didn't work.
> Sorry, I've been trying various things for two hours today, I give up.
> Perhaps someone else on this list knows the answer.

set_target_properties(foobar PROPERTIES
  OUTPUT_NAME foobar

Something like that. This should produce libfoobar-X, where X is the 

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