[flac-dev] Support for ultra-high sample rates?

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 14:37:47 UTC 2020

Op do 25 jun. 2020 om 16:02 schreef Con Kolivas <kernel at kolivas.org>:

> The idea is to actually use it for playback, not just storage, and
> nothing else has the nice asymmetrical fast decompression with such
> effective compression (wavpack supports 705/768 but is woefully slow
> on decompression and poorly supported). Mostly the sample rates would
> be multiples of the common 44.1/48 sample rates so I expect
> compression to be equally good with simple extrapolation to bigger
> equivalent sized windows.

In what setting are you thinking about playback? If this is a lab setting,
creating a small batch script to fetch the samplerate tag and passing it to
a playback program like ffplay doesn't seem a very big deal? If you want
playback on current existing, available hardware, augmenting the spec is
not going to work.
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