[flac-dev] [bug] --keep-foreign-metadata discards WAV cue markers

Nouvelle Collection nouvellecollection at gmail.com
Sat May 12 00:21:27 UTC 2018

I noticed that option --keep-foreign-metadata discards WAV cue
markers. Here is how to reproduce the bug:
1) Create a 24-bit 96khz in SoundForge8, add 20 seconds of silence,
and add two markers with "m" key shortcut
2) Save it, compress it with "flac --keep-foreign-metadata testmarkers.wav"
3) Decompress it with "flac -d testmarkers.flac"
4) Open the decompressed WAV in SoundForge: the markers have disappeared.

Here is the WAV containing markers:  http://gget.it/q4uh4/testmarkers.zip

Best regards,

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