[flac-dev] warning that legacy WAVE file has format type 1 but bits-per-sample is 24

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Fri May 26 22:40:24 UTC 2017

Mark H. David wrote:

> I'm new at this and trying to understand it. Can someone explain?\

You are correct. With a wFormatTag of 1, the bist per sample should be
either 8 or 16 (according to the Microsoft specs). 

> Also, a related but more practical question: is there *any* way to
> create a 24- or 32-bits-per-sample WAVE file without getting this
> warning when flac tries to encode it?

Yes there is. To avoid this wanring the it should have a WAVE_FORMATEXTENSIBLE
wFormatTag. Its trivally easy to convert your legacy format file to
WAVEX using the sndfile-convert program that is part of


Erik de Castro Lopo

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