[flac-dev] warning that legacy WAVE file has format type 1 but bits-per-sample is 24

Mark H. David mhd at yv.org
Fri May 26 20:36:29 UTC 2017


I've tried encoding a FLAC file from a WAVE file saved with
24-bits-per-sample, using the flac executable. I get this warning:

  WARNING: legacy WAVE file has format type 1 but bits-per-sample=24

The code is currently here on line 373:


where the comment says

  let these slide with a warning since they're unambiguous

I do not really understand the warning when I try to break it
down. First,

  *legacy* WAVE file -- what makes this a "legacy" WAVE file?


  format type 1

What is that exactly?  In the source code I see "format type" is
referred to as "format tag", since the variable name is "wFormatTag".
Is this what's referred to in this reference




There it says

  1 for PCM

Is there something about PCM format that implies either 8- or

I'm new at this and trying to understand it. Can someone explain?

Also, a related but more practical question: is there *any* way to
create a 24- or 32-bits-per-sample WAVE file without getting this
warning when flac tries to encode it?



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