[flac-dev] Playing FLAC Files on Audi MMI

elio manes elioarmando at optonline.net
Wed May 10 02:45:14 UTC 2017


I am hoping that perhaps you know the answer to my car audio question, 
or can at least point me in the right direction.  I own a 2013 Audi S4 
that has the 3G-Plus Multi Media Interface (MMI) with the Bang & Olufsen 
Sound System.

The MMI is able to playback lossy, compressed audio files (MP3, WMA and 
AAC), but does not have native support for FLAC, ALAC, or WMA Lossless. 
However, I've read that the MMI system in other 2013 Audi models do have 
native support for playing back lossless FLAC and WAVE files.

Is there some type of FLAC decoder “plug-in” that I can download (or 
save on to an SD card) that I can then “flash” onto my car’s MMI 
software so that it could playback FLAC files?

As I understand it, the MMI employs programmable processors and runs on 
a Unix-like RTOS (Real Time Operating System) that can be updated using 
a SD card/USB/CD containing the software.  MMI software update menu 
enables import/export settings saved as an AES (Advanced Encryption 
Standard) encrypted zip file.

Audio files can be played back on the MMI via various drives: two SD 
card readers, a CD/DVD drive, iPod (MDI), USB, Aux-in, as well as by 
Bluetooth Streaming and WiFi hotspot. However, I would be happy just 
being able to play back FLAC files off the SD card reader!

I'm a bit of an audiophile and am enjoying the Bang & Olufsen Sound 
System in my S4. It would be a shame to have two SD card slots on the 
MMI - each capable of holding up to 32 GB of music! - and only be able 
to play off them “lossy” audio files.

Any thoughts/suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated.



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