[flac-dev] metaflac crashes adding cuesheet

Richard Ash richard at audacityteam.org
Sun Jan 29 21:47:04 UTC 2017

On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:12:24 -0800
James <jamesqf at charter.net> wrote:

> I don't know what abcde would be providing as tags, or why on Earth it
> would be importing that from stdin.  Unfortunately, abcde is a bash
> script, and so not exactly easy for me to read. I haven't gotten any
> response from posting on their mailing list.
> I do get the same crash when running metaflac without the  
> --import-tags-from,
> so I'm not sure this is the problem.  Unless perhaps there's an
> absolute requirement for tag info?
> I could try debugging it myself, but I'm a total ignoramus when it
> comes to audio codecs, so I've no idea where to even start. Or FTM,
> how to even get gdb to find the source for debugging.

The easy to get a copy of what is sent to stdin would be to replace
metaflac with a wrapper script which stores the data to a file. If
there is a configuration directive for where to find metaflac in abcde
this is easy. I cou/tmp/stdin.ldn't find one so you might have to
rename the metaflac binary in your path to metaflac.bin and then have
metaflac be a script something like this (untested):

# script to capture stdin to metaflac for debugging
tee /tmp/stdin.$$ | metaflac.bin "$@"

Each time metaflac is called, a file called stdin.XX (where XX is the
PID of the script process) will be created containing the tags. It
should then be possible to recreate the bug with a command like

cat /tmp/stdin.541 | metaflac --no-utf8-convert \
--import-cuesheet-from=/home/me/Audio/abcde.50107806/cue-50107806.txt \
--import-tags-from=-  /home/me/Audio/abcde.50107806/track1.flac

as per your first email.

If you can then post the temporary file, it may make it easier for
someone else to reproduce the problem (it will also make using GDB a
lot easier, by taking the scripts out of the picture).


> On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 00:58:47 -0800, Erik de Castro Lopo  
> <mle+la at mega-nerd.com> wrote:
> > James wrote:
> >  
> >> The command used by abcde is
> >>
> >>  metaflac --no-utf8-convert
> >>    --import-cuesheet-from=/home/me/Audio/abcde.50107806/cue-50107806.txt
> >>    --import-tags-from=-  /home/me/Audio/abcde.50107806/track1.flac  
> >
> > Unfortunately, that is still insuffuicent for me to debug this.
> >
> > The command line you provided is importing tags from stdin and you  
> > haven't
> > provided the data that is being fed into metaflac's stdin.
> >
> > Erik  

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