[flac-dev] Re-release of version 1.3.2?

Patrick McCarty patrick.mccarty at intel.com
Mon Feb 6 19:12:05 UTC 2017


The project I work on, the Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture,
regularly scans for new releases of upstream packages. On January 1, the
scans detected a flac 1.3.2 release tarball. However, when a build was
attempted at a later date (January 10), a hash mismatch was detected
between the originally detected release tarball and the one currently
published at the download mirrors.

The original tarball detected had the following checksums:

MD5: 7c4f5cc85f953313a9134197b0db14ec
SHA1: 658d1acc9e39267de8ca377f2aa8ece677aee2cd
SHA256: e48764f0761beb791a69590f12826fe8cf302c42db2879849c5d10bc7c85db66

I also discovered that the Fedora 26 Rawhide source RPM contains this
same tarball that differs from the currently published one.

Comparing the two tarballs, there are many timestamp differences on
files, which might imply that the release tarball was regenerated at a
later time, and there is a very small diff in content. The diff is

Since this appears to have been a re-release of version 1.3.2, was this
an intentional re-release?

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diff -Nru flac-1.3.2-v1/doc/html/Makefile.in flac-1.3.2-v2/doc/html/Makefile.in
--- flac-1.3.2-v1/doc/html/Makefile.in	2016-12-31 17:48:15.797331121 -0800
+++ flac-1.3.2-v2/doc/html/Makefile.in	2016-12-31 19:46:48.889726465 -0800
@@ -664,9 +664,9 @@
 	@echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use"
 	@echo "it deletes files that may require special tools to rebuild."
+ at FLaC__HAS_DOXYGEN_FALSE@distclean-local:
 @FLaC__HAS_DOXYGEN_FALSE at uninstall-local:
 @FLaC__HAS_DOXYGEN_FALSE at install-data-local:
- at FLaC__HAS_DOXYGEN_FALSE@distclean-local:
 clean: clean-recursive
 clean-am: clean-generic clean-libtool mostlyclean-am
diff -Nru flac-1.3.2-v1/test/metaflac-test-files/case07-expect.meta flac-1.3.2-v2/test/metaflac-test-files/case07-expect.meta
--- flac-1.3.2-v1/test/metaflac-test-files/case07-expect.meta	2016-12-31 16:52:09.366371726 -0800
+++ flac-1.3.2-v2/test/metaflac-test-files/case07-expect.meta	2016-12-31 19:54:28.827304796 -0800
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-reference libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125
+reference libFLAC 1.3.2 20170101

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