[flac-dev] Seek failure with very short files

Federico Miyara fmiyara at fceia.unr.edu.ar
Mon Nov 21 20:07:25 UTC 2016

I was wondering when it would be useful to compress very short audio 
files. The answer may be when there are lots of files, for instance in 
the case of sound fonts, or a large collection of transients. Probably 
it would be better to compress the whole collection as a single large 
file obtained by juxtaposing the short clips, with cues or marks to 
separate the original files. May be this allows a more efficient way to 
deal with headers.


On 21/11/2016 16:28, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Luke Bradford wrote:
>> I am not set up to easily put together a minimal repro, but I can work on
>> that if this is difficult for others to reproduce.
> I was hoping to tackle this last weekend but I didn't manage to find
> time. A small test case would be very useful indeed.
> Erik

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