[flac-dev] Supporting 32 bit data

jei at mailbox.org jei at mailbox.org
Sat Sep 26 20:26:58 PDT 2015

At least on some Japanese online music stores 32bit WAV files are
already commonly sold, example http://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/50962

On this website they're always 32bit floats or 24bit ints, though, no
idea how realistic float support is. My personal opinion is that having
compression for this kind of distribution would be good, and if they use
something else than WAV, then it would be good that they'd use a free
format like flac, even if it's very unlikely that any living human could
ABX this against regular 16bit ints.

However, having no back compatibility could also be bad: if the consumer
uses old software or hardware player and find some flac files to not be
able to playback, they can lose faith in the format, especially when
there's no easy way to distinguish between compatible and non-compatible

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