[flac-dev] flac-1.3.1pre1

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Tue Nov 25 05:03:55 PST 2014

On Nov 25 00:43:22, mle+la at mega-nerd.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> As people may have seen there's a pre-release here:
>     http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/flac/beta/
> Specifically:
>     flac-1.3.1pre1.tar.xz  : The source code
>     flac-1.3.1pre1-win.zip : Windows 32 and 64 bit binaries
> Please test.

The flac binary builds and runs fine
on current OpenBSD/i386 and OpenBSD/armv7.

I am at a loss though running the test suite

$ cd test
$ make check
$ make check
Making check in cuesheets
Making check in flac-to-flac-metadata-test-files
Making check in metaflac-test-files
Making check in pictures
make  test_libFLAC.sh  test_libFLAC++.sh  test_grabbag.sh  test_flac.sh
test_metaflac.sh  test_replaygain.sh  test_seeking.sh  test_streams.sh
`test_libFLAC.sh' is up to date.
`test_libFLAC++.sh' is up to date.
`test_grabbag.sh' is up to date.
`test_flac.sh' is up to date.
`test_metaflac.sh' is up to date.
`test_replaygain.sh' is up to date.
`test_seeking.sh' is up to date.
`test_streams.sh' is up to date.
`test_compression.sh' is up to date.
/bin/sh: ./test_libFLAC.sh: No such file or directory
*** Error 1 in /home/hans/src/flac-1.3.1pre1/test (Makefile:689 'check')

Am I missing something obvious? Is running the test suite
described somewhere in the documentation? I coudn't find it.


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