[flac-dev] New release

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Sun Nov 23 02:47:15 PST 2014

Janne Hyvärinen wrote:

> I have one related suggestion. The Windows solution files should be 
> renamed. Right now the old solution file that one is supposed to use on 
> old MSVC versions is called FLAC.sln and the new one is called 
> FLAC-vs2010.sln. I'd like the main file FLAC.sln to be the one that 
> works with all the latest Visual Studios and the old legacy format one 
> be called FLAC-vs2005.sln.

Is that just a matter of renaming them as follows?

    mv FLAC.sln FLAC-vs2005.sln
    mv FLAC-vs2010.sln FLAC.sln

Erik de Castro Lopo

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