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Evan Ramos hendricks266 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 16:22:29 PDT 2014

> I have just updated the Makefile.lite build system so it works on
> Linux. Can you please test that it hasn't broken the build for you?

I tested my setup thoroughly and uncovered a remaining handful of
issues, though I don't think they are directly related to your commit.
(Though, removing plugin_xmms from the default build was helpful.)

With my changes in place, I am able to build with `make -f
Makefile.lite all` for the first time on Windows. Previously, I would
need to list all the components I wanted, such as:
make -f Makefile.lite libFLAC libFLAC++ flac metaflac test_libs_common
test_libFLAC test_libFLAC++ test_grabbag test_seeking test_streams
utils examples

I took the liberty of removing "doc" from the dependencies of "all".
This is because the Doxygen target depends on a file named "Doxyfile",
which is generated from doc/Doxyfile.in by the configure script.
However, the purpose of Makefile.lite is to avoid the configure script
entirely. (In fact, my motivation for using the Makefile.lite system
is that I have never been able to use Automake on Windows in order to
create the configure script from a git clone.)

The "src" and "plugin_common" targets required updates in a similar
fashion to my previous patch. One broader change is that config.mk now
relies on GNU Make's $(OS), in line with the separate components, and
only invokes `uname -s` when it is undefined (which might never
occur). Otherwise, every instance of $(OS) in the build system would
have needed duplicate cases for "Windows" and "MINGW" because some
make invocations include config.mk and others skip it.

Along the way, I also fixed the following warning for x86_64-MinGW-w64
builds, produced by every ".pic.o" object:
>warning: -fPIC ignored for target (all code is position independent) [enabled by default]

Patch attached.

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