[flac-dev] Problems in flac-website Git files.

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 12:16:45 PDT 2014

1) changelog.html
"Add ability to handle utf8 filenames on Windows (large set of patches from Janne Hyvärinen)"

AFAIK Windows internally uses UTF-16LE, not UTF-8. IMHO it's better to use
a general word 'Unicode' instead of 'utf8'.

2) documentation_bugs.html
"The following are major known bugs in the current (1.2.1) release:"

1.2.1 is not the current release. And IIRC the first issue (--replay-gain but no --padding/-P)
was fixed shortly after the 1.2.1 release.

3) documentation_tasks.html
"dbPowerAMP Audio Player" - dead link; the program was removed from dBpa website.

4) documentation_tools_plugins.html:
"If you have an older version of Winamp, our plugin is still available
in the FLAC Installer for Windows [http://cyberial.com/flacinstaller.asp]"

The link is dead. Old in_flac plugin can be downloaded from

5) documentation_tools_flac.html:

--no-escape-coding option is mentioned; there's no such option now.

6) documentation_tools_flac.html, documentation_tools_metaflac.html

Only decimal point is used in all examples, and it doesn't work on locales
that use decimal comma (example: --until=1:23.45 should be --until=1:23,45
with these locales, etc.) IMHO locale-dependent behavior should be mentioned somewhere.

7) download.html
GUI encoding/decoding front-ends:
     MacFLAC: mentioned two times.
     iTunes-to-FLAC: dead link.
     Songbird: dead link?. New link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/songbird.mirror/

8) faq.html
"How can I play FLAC in Windows Media Player?"
See this guide.[http://www.losslessaudioblog.com/wmpmce-lossless-guide/]

The link is dead.
There exist Media Foundation FLAC Codec [http://sourceforge.net/projects/mfflac/] -- Win7 and newer.
Also Xiph.org Directshow Filters -- http://www.xiph.org/dshow/
Also WMP is mentioned in documentation_tasks.html

"How do I set up EAC to rip directly to FLAC?"

AutoFLAC -- new link is http://www.legroom.net/software/autoflac
Omni Encoder -- dead link, dead project.
Mareo -- new link is http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=59569&view=findpost&p=803351

"Why don't Unicode file names work with flac/metaflac on Windows?"
"Why don't wildcards for file names like *.flac or *.wav work with flac/metaflac on Windows?"

Obsolete since 1.3.0.

"I compressed a file to FLAC with verify on, and flac said "Verify FAILED!" Why?"

Memtest86+[http://www.memtest86.org/] -- dead link. New link is http://www.memtest.org/

"and one thing many (all?) of these systems have in common is an ASUS motherboard (A7V133 or P3V4X)"

Interesting part of computer history, but VERY outdated information.
Should be removed as obsolete, IMHO.

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