[flac-dev] [PATCH] for flac/decode.c

Richard Ash richard at audacityteam.org
Sun Dec 14 09:27:43 PST 2014

On Sun, 14 Dec 2014 01:14:16 -0800
Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+la at mega-nerd.com> wrote:
> > --------------------------
> > Also, I have a question.
> > 
> > Currently flac complains about 24-bit .wav files if they have
> > old WAVEFORMATEX header and not 'proper' WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE
> > header. However it writes such files itself.
> > 
> > Is it better to fix this so it decodes 24-bit .flac files to .wav
> > files with WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE header? Or is it better to leave
> > things as is (for better compatibility with old programs)?
> That's a good question. I have no idea how to answer that.
> Maye what's needed is (another) command line flag.
As someone who get this warning quite a lot when encoding (because the
.wav files come from a closed hardware recorder which isn't going to
get a firmware update), I don't mind too much which header gets
written (because the wav file will be read with libsndfile), but I would
mind if it meant that --verify when encoding didn't work for these
files (I have no idea at what point the verification is done, but
changing this does mean that the decoded file header will be different
to the original input file, which might be the reason it's the way it


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