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Burak Orçun Özkablan borcunozkablan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 07:13:52 PDT 2013

Yes, I have tried plain wav data with file and stream functions of decoder
and encoder. They work succesfully.
You're right about FLAC can't find the first block in stream, because I
didn't add any metadata in stream. The documentation of FLAC says that
metadata callback function is optional for stream function of decoder, so I
didn't need adding metadata.

Actually, I am sure about network data transferring is good, there is no
problem, i have tested so much and observed all data has transmitted at
every time. I suspend that sync problem occurs from network latency.
Do you have any idea about this? If read callback may sleep or process more
than excepted time, does sync lost?

2013/7/2 Martijn van Beurden <mvanb1 at gmail.com>

>  On 02-07-13 11:01, Burak Orçun Özkablan wrote:
> I don't use any metadata when encoding and decoding. When I call
>  *
> FLAC__StreamDecoderStateString[FLAC__stream_decoder_get_state(m_decoder)]
> *
>  *
> *
> it returns
>  enum value. Is it an error ?
> There is always metadata in a FLAC stream, for example, the samplerate,
> number of channels used, FLAC encoder version etc. This is called the
> STREAMINFO block. This is the very first block of the stream. This state
> tells that the decoder is still looking for that block.
> So it seems there's something wrong in the data transfer, as FLAC can't
> find the first block in the stream. I can think of three things: there is
> no data received at all (because there is something wrong with the
> connection or because it isn't sent at all), the data transferred is
> corrupted/transformed somewhere or there is something wrong in the process
> of reading data from the network stream.
> Have you tried plain wav data first? That's a lot easier to troubleshoot,
> you can make sure the problem is not in the network-related stuff.
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