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I'll top-post this one because it wasn't sent to the mailinglist but to 
me. Please reply to list next time.

I assume you mean the main.c files in the encode and decode directory 
under examples. I can't really determine the root cause of your problem 
with this information, but I think you're trying to feed the decoder 
blocks that are incomplete. The LOST SYNC error is usually seen with 
corrupted blocks, so I think the blocks are incomplete or, less likely, 

There are a few ways to counter this. The easy way is to add a little 
latency to be sure at least one complete block is in the receiving 
buffer. So, only call FLAC__stream_decoder_process_single() if the 
buffer is filled with enough data. If you want the lowest latency 
possible you could force a small block size or let the encoding PC 
signal the decoding PC when a block is finished, so the decoding process 
can be sure there is a full block in the buffer.

Oh, and you might take a look at the reading callback, maybe that one is 
overreading the buffer?

I hope that helps.

On 01-07-13 17:51, Burak Orçun Özkablan wrote:
> Martijn,
> I encode a one second captured audio data in my PC and send it to 
> other PC as encoded. This is OK.
> I want to decode data in other PC and play it but when I am decoding 
> data with decoder stream function, exception throws.
> 2013/7/1 Burak Orçun Özkablan <borcunozkablan at gmail.com 
> <mailto:borcunozkablan at gmail.com>>
>     Yes, I mean sample codes in FLAC directory. These samples
>     (encode.c and decode.c) are about encode/decode with file (using
>     FLAC__stream_encoder_init_file and FLAC__stream_decoder_init_file
>     functions).
>     Streaming which I used is audio data transfer over UDP or TCP
>     sockets of boost library.
>     I send 1 packet which contains 1 second "raw" audio data and
>     header information as unsigned char array. In the other PC, I play
>     it. I must do it continuously, so I said 'streaming' for this.
>     I can stream without FLAC library but I have to do with any codec
>     library because our network bandwidth is low so I dont want
>     overhead problem and latency.
>     For streaming, FLAC suggests streaming functions such as
>     FLAC__stream_encoder_init_stream,
>     FLAC__stream_decoder_init_stream. The decoder stream function
>     takes 3 callback functions, write, read and error.
>     What I understand from LOST SYNC exception is write and read
>     callback must runs sync. I can not success it, code runs only
>     reading callbacks and throws LOST_SYNC exception.
>     2013/7/1 Martijn van Beurden <mvanb1 at gmail.com
>     <mailto:mvanb1 at gmail.com>>
>         On 01-07-13 16:48, Burak Orçun Özkablan wrote:
>         > [...]
>         >
>         > I run your sample codes, encode.c and decode.c, about file
>         encode /
>         > decode. Then, I run
>         > streaming encode / decode with two different source codes
>         but when I
>         > use streaming encode / decode over network in real-time,
>         code throws
>         > LOST_SYNC exception and only reading callback runs not writing
>         > callback after exception.
>         I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You are talking about
>         file
>         encode and decode ans streaming encode and decode, do you mean
>         the files
>         in the FLAC source directory example? If so, what is the
>         difference,
>         because I only see file encoding examples?
>         Furthermore, I wonder what you mean by stream. Are you serving
>         a file
>         that is being encoded over HTTP, S(a)MB(a), NFS or something
>         specially
>         designed for streaming, like MMS? So, how are you streaming
>         the FLAC file?
>         > How can I solve sync problem over network? Is it possible
>         over network
>         > or does FLAC stream with file?
>         FLAC is capable of streaming, so it should be possible to fix
>         this I guess.
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