[flac-dev] Commonly getting FLAC__STREAM_ENCODER_VERIFY_MISMATCH_IN_AUDIO_DATA on valid audio

Ben Allison benski at winamp.com
Fri Feb 8 12:55:25 PST 2013

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That would cause this issue.

-Ben Allison

> I'm using libflac on Windows to compress some audio samples. I'm building
> the
> library locally, using Visual Studio 2010. Each set of data is 2-5 MB and
> well
> formed PCM encoded data. I'm finding some very odd behavior.
> If I enable verify on the encode stream, I get a verify mismatch on most
> of my
> sample sets. Each set of samples returns this error at a different
> location in
> the stream, but always the same location for the same file.
> However, if I disable verify, the resulting FLAC encoded data DOES decode
> correctly in most cases, giving me an exact replica of the input.
> In the other cases, one of the frames decodes into wrong data. I have not
> seen
> more than one frame for a given set of data decode incorrectly; the frames
> before and after it are correct. Sometimes the bad frame is partially
> correct,
> or has many bytes that are close to the original. The bad frame's data is
> always
> the same, no matter how many times I try to re-encode the original file.
> I've tried encoding and decoding these files with the FLAC command line
> tool,
> and it has no problems, so I think there might be an issue with my libflac
> binaries.
> Has anyone encountered a similar problem, or are there any known issues
> that
> could explain this?
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