[flac-dev] [PATCH] Remove even more CPP hackery

Ben Allison benski at winamp.com
Thu Feb 9 09:36:41 PST 2012

> Dave Yeo wrote:
>> Yes that makes sense. Requiring a C99 compliant compiler seems quite
> Well I'm actually going to be even more reasonable than that. The only
bits of C99 that flac will really require is header file
> with C99 standard width integers (int8_t, uint8_t, int16_t etc). Erik

I would recommend including with the distribution a file for windows
developers to use.  It's fairly simple

	/* since windows doesn't have stdint.h */
	typedef unsigned __int64 uint64_t;
	typedef unsigned __int32 uint32_t;
	typedef unsigned __int16 uint16_t;
	typedef unsigned __int8 uint8_t;
	typedef __int64 int64_t;
	typedef __int32 int32_t;
	typedef __int16 int16_t;
	typedef __int8  int8_t;
#if defined(_M_IX64)
	typedef unsigned __int128 uint128_t;
	typedef __int128 int128_t;

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