[flac-dev] Status of flac; new release?

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Dec 12 10:47:06 PST 2012

Hi again,

On 29.11.2012, at 21:10, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> Max Horn wrote:
>> 1) Is there any chance the website could be updated?
> I'd like to have the flac.sf.net website re-directed to
> https://www.xiph.org/flac/ . Until the re-direct happens
> the rest of the world still points to sf.net.

So we are still waiting for Josh to grant admin rights for the SF.net project to Ralph Giles (SF.net username 'giles') and or Erik (username?), which only requires a few clicks.

If Josh does not reply within some more time, you could also simply request the SF.net staff to do this for you, by filing a support request at

Of course they will want to ensure that you have a good case in taking over that SF.net project, esp. since flac is quite high profile. But I am sure that you can convince them, esp. by pointing to the xiph hosted git repos, and perhaps pointing to flac-dev archives which document that Erik is new maintainer, and that Josh knows about this:

  (the last "Back from hiatus" -- sadly, it seems to have been a rather short return? :-( )

However, that all does not address my main wish: The new website still has exactly (?) the same content as the old one. Could you please at least add a single paragraph (ideally in big red bliniking letters?) that there is new development work in progress, with a link to the new git repos? This would be IMHO a very important and major improvement over the current state of total non-information...

If you point me to the sources of the site (is there a repos for it?), I'll be happy to provide a patch for this, too!

>> 2) Any chance for a new release? Just bug fixes would be
>> enough.
> I'd like to do a release some time between now and xmas. That
> release would be something like what us in Xiph's git right
> now.
>> 3) Does anybody feel responsible for going through the bug
>> and patch trackers at SF.net?
> I did spend some time going through those. There didn't seem
> to be much there in terms of valuable patches.
>> If there is something I can do to assist with any of these things,
>> I'll try to help.
> The most useful thing would be to have a second look at the
> SF bug tracker and see it there is anything there that isn't
> already fixed in Xiph's git repo.

OK.  In order to avoid duplicating efforts, it would be good if everybody who reviews a patch leaves comments there, even if those simply indicate that the patch is obsolete. Until the website gets updated, I think it would also be helpful (for the patch submitter) to include a link to the new git repository.

Of course closing those patches (which would be the nice thing to do) would require to have the appropriate rights first, but this can still be done later, as long as the review results are recorded on each item :-).

As a start, I verified that my own ancient patch is obsolete now, and closed it myself.


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