[flac-dev] Meet the new maintainer

Cristian Rodríguez crrodriguez at opensuse.org
Wed Apr 25 16:15:14 PDT 2012

El 25/04/12 19:53, Josh Coalson escribió:
> I'll throw this thought out here so it doesn't get lost: when it came
> time for me to build a Windows release, I always used a quarantined
> Windows box that had the minimum stuff installed and had never been on a
> network, to avoid malware getting into the binaries.
> The last thing I ever wanted to hear was some Windows user blaming FLAC
> because a bad build infected him. It was bad enough when some AV
> software was misidentifying a release as infected; it took months after
> the virus defs were updated for that stink to wear off.
We have MinGW build hosts working


However how to get it to build an exe or msi installer is something I 
would have to investigate.. currently it spits win32 rpm packages 
containing the libraries and tools...

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