[Flac-dev] FLAC DirectShow filter and CRC error

ndummy001 at yahoo.co.jp ndummy001 at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Nov 9 19:16:27 PST 2011

I've wrote WAV to FLAC encoder with Xiph's DirectShow filter that can be downloaded from below link.

I assume that Xiph's flac filters built and installed by 'regsvr32'.

This program has modified from original 'oggenc' by Xiph and can generate .flac file by command line 'oggenc input.wav -o output.flac'.
But this file has the CRC-error that confirmed by testing with AudioTester.exe(http://www.vuplayer.com/other.php).
And I've played back this corrupted .flac file by graphedit.  graphedit generates 'playing flac graph' automatically but graphedit will crash
when playing back. This seems caused from above CRC-error.

Where are wrong points in above implementation ?
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