[Flac-dev] MD5 Signature Mismatch

Scott C. Brown 02 Scott.C.Brown.02 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Tue May 31 19:20:15 PDT 2011

I found an old thread from 2007:


I have a user who is getting this same "MD5 Signature mismatch."

2 times he told me he got it today:

1 time: using the flac 1.2.1 encoder (command line compiled from official flac  
src) on a g5 (power pc) mac, he created a file set and uploaded to archive.org.  
  archive.org uses flac 1.2.1 to test the files and then convert them to ogg/mp3.  
  the test step gave "MD5 signature mismatch."

2nd time: he opened a flac file created on the power pc mac on a windows machine  
in CD wav and split it up into 3 flac files.  he then copied the files back onto  
the power pc mac and tried to decode them.  flac 1.2.1 (command line compiled  
from src) gave an "md5 signature mismatch" error

he ran a ram test and Techtool Pro reported his ram to be ok.  Anyone have any  
idea what's causing the issue?


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