[Flac-dev] 64-bit FLAC structure sizes and padding

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Sun May 29 23:00:19 PDT 2011

Jerker Bäck wrote:

> As I understand there could be issues to edit/create FLAC files in 64-bit
> due to different structure sizes (data alignment and data structure padding
> added by 64-bit compilers). I don't know if this have been dealt with before
> in this list.

What makes you thnk there could be issues?

FLAC has been used reliably on 64 bit Linux systems for years. There
is no problem moving FLAC files from 32 bit to 64 bit machines or
moving them the other way. Nor is their any problem moving FLAC
files between big endian and little endian machines.

If you of a problem, please let us know, but don't assume there
is a problem unless you have actually seen one.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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