[Flac-dev] Piping alsa and flac

kmpirkos at ece.upatras.gr kmpirkos at ece.upatras.gr
Tue Jul 19 08:27:22 PDT 2011


I am developing an application that constantly captures audio using ALSA. I would like to pipe audio data from the buffer of the ALSA process to a child process that will use FLAC in order to periodically save the recorded segments in .flac files. Is this possible? How can a program like the encoder found in the example code section (http://flac.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/flac/flac/examples/c/encode/file/main.c?view=log) be modified to periodically encode raw data read from the pipe?
Thank you and forgive the naive nature of my question but I'm not a pro.

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