[Flac-dev] FLAC is dead?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 16:12:21 PST 2011

> That is the strangest definition of "discontinued" that I have
> ever heard.

If Japan was producing them, there would be supply and mainstream
sellers would have stock. I scoured the web and called about 20
established sellers last month looking for one. Both retail and
online. All but BH and mom+pop/s were out, all were saying discontinued.
It's been that way since early 2010. Yeah, a GuitarStore had 2
factory sealed MK5's for $950 each, and they still do because
everyone with a brain is going new OEM at $500 or used SL for less
than that.

Mat/Tec/Pan does not rebase existing model consumer products into
the strato market, they sell through and leave. The ramp in SL price
with the remaining small stock sellers only serves to confirm there
is no production or new supply from some fabled mega distributor
warehouse. Distributors hate inventory anyways, it's not their biz.

Just in case further proof is needed to support the obvious,
google, google, tappity tap, clickity click, huzzah...

Nuff said.

> With a modest investment in hardware mods, you can turn a stock
> 1210 or 1200 into an audiophile deck for not a lot of money (on
> the audiophile spending scale).

And for no investment one can afford the other needed items and be
equally as satisfied as the audi's. And never have to worry about
replacing an obsolete or esoteric belt. Belts do absorb motor
noise/mod, as do heavy platters and chassis. Belts also have elastic
spring issues with large masses and have very short lifetimes. I
put a test record (sine waves, noise, samples, that sort of thing)
on a few turntables, listened and checked a scope. Heavy metal
platters and chassis, as opposed to cheapo plastic lightweights
were the winner. More than DD vs. belt.

With DD, I also chose to avoid hard, cracked and welted belts, by
design, forever.

One can only smooth things as far as the number of poles in the
motor and speed sensor will afford. Good driver electronics only
help reach those limitations. Take them apart, DD and belt motor
tech is similar. Some have feedback circuits, some don't.

Unlike CD-DA and FLAC, analog is not bits. And unfortunately,
the audi's don't use numbers in their reviews. That sucks.

> Audio Technica AT-PL120 deck?

I have not seen it in person. From what I can tell by looking at
AT's site, it is a fair clone of the SL-1200, even down to the
pop-up light (it's shorter and fatter). The tonearm mount gimbals
are way different. AT is not a Mat/Pan/Tec company.

I saw only an SL-1200, an ST.150 and some plastic thing I don't
care to remember. And some kilobuck audi stuff at the nosebleed
shop, but only for kicks.

Liked the phono and backup line out of the (OEM) Stanton ST.150.
And yes, price was a factor, I've got bills to pay :)

Best place to eyeball all the turntables is youtube demos :) There's
a great one of a guy tapping on an ST.150. No way I could walk
around on these floors and expect a good rip with plastic. And of
course check the manufacturer site, along with their W/F, S/N
(rumble) and weight specs.

> And packaging by OS distributions (making the RPM and DEB files).
> different users typed in different versions of song titles. And that's

Leave the raw tracks sequentially numbered. Use symlinks to hold
the names. Change, sort, duplicate and categorize the links as

Oh well, this is waaayyy off topic, I'll shut up now :)

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