[Flac-dev] FLAC is dead?

Declan Kelly flac-dev at groov.ie
Sun Jan 9 19:08:27 PST 2011

> Oh I don't doubt the basics, red book is red book and bits are
> identically replicable and re rippable bits.

I don't see any problem with taking innovation as far as is practical
and saying "it's finished, no more updates". I'm not expecting FLAC or
cdparanoia to be able to integrate with FaceHugger, or even to be able
to query track titles online. If I want to do freedb lookups, I can use
abcde (in text mode) or any of the GUI rippers, most of whom use flac
and cdparanoia as back-end utilities.

I like the idea of software that just works and doesn't need any further
refinement. Similar to hardware that's built to last (see below)...

> Guess what? Technics patent expired, they failed to innovate and
> left the market. Now we have an OEM fill-in led, in example, by
> perhaps the Stanton ST.150. A new wrapper on the old LP core.

I'm not sure about the patents, but the Technics 1200 and 1210 series
turntables are still in production, out of the same factory in Japan.
They have definitely not left the market!
Stanton and other brands are playing "also ran" with direct drive or
belt drive turntables that just aren't as good. Even with new decks
easily available, secondhand Technics change hands for high prices
because they represent some of the best engineering and quality of
manufacture. They are built to last and don't need to be replaced.

There have been many rumours about Technics going out of production over
the years, and the most recent one was based on an announcement that 2
mid-range models in the 1200/1210 range were ceasing production. These
rumours are usually started by someone who has a load of new turntables
in stock, and wants a panic in the marketplace to help shift them at a
higher price.

If you have news that Technics have definitely ceased production, please
link to an official website.

That has very little to do with FLAC but I wanted to clear it up.


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