[Flac-dev] Idea to possibly improve flac?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 18:37:28 PST 2011

> did you read brian w's explanation of why FLAC appears "dead" ? the
> same thing really
> applies to cdparanoia, a program now more than 10 years old, maybe
> even 15. some things about ripping audio CDs just .... don't change.

Oh I don't doubt the basics, red book is red book and bits are
identically replicable and re rippable bits. But just as I said, there are
always porting, bugs, docs, nits and overall features that can be
done around the cores... that aren't being done. And that do limit
adoption and suitability to task. Nothing stopping anyone from setting
up public git repos and accepting patches, so long as those replicable
core standards remain the unalterable and regression tested paramounts
of this class of apps.

There's also nothing wrong with major format revisions once in a while.
Piano roll -> LP -> cassette -> CD, film -> VHS -> DVD -> Blu,
NTSC->ATSC. People still make backwards compatible piano players,
somewhere, lol :) And certainly lossless forward translators.

And let's just be honest for a moment, hardware sellers are in the
business of selling hardware. Unless their model is support based,
or purely reputation based like say the Technics SL-1200, they must
sell new hardware to survive. Therefore, they welcome revisions to
the underlying stream once in a while. Planned obsoletion.

Guess what? Technics patent expired, they failed to innovate and
left the market. Now we have an OEM fill-in led, in example, by
perhaps the Stanton ST.150. A new wrapper on the old LP core.

Cisco could be considered masters at obsoletion. They sell new hardware
to support new features at wire speed. And obsolete their own old children
on strict schedules. All while charging ridiculous prices for hardware and
support. Sure, the IPv4/6 streams haven't changed a whole lot,
but some trappings have and they've been right there to cap on it.

As to bandwidth, When you have many terabytes of audio, combined with
processing and bandwidth in your use case, FLAC vs. WAV becomes
a non-moot discussion. Were that to be also what you were referring to.

Anyways, incoherent ramblings aside, this is about porting, bugs, docs,
nits and overall features. Not cores.

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