[Flac-dev] Synchronizing a streaming client to the server Was: Idea to possibly improve flac?

Tor-Einar Jarnbjo tor-einar at jarnbjo.name
Fri Jan 7 14:58:59 PST 2011

Am 07.01.2011 23:38, schrieb David Richards:
> I'm also interested in another concept of lossless streaming with
> flac. Lets call it broadcast flac. A problem with streaming for long
> periods of time is that the sending and receiving computers clocks go
> out of sync, for example even if I stream myself on localhost, with
This is not a FLAC specific problem, but has to be handled in all 
situations where the streaming server is in control of the transmitting 
data rate. It's caused by a playback device, which actual sample rate is 
slightly higher than the sample rate actually requested or a streaming 
source, which system clock is running slowly. Since these parameters (at 
least an exact playback sample rate) is hard to achieve, this is a 
rather common problem. Or to shorten it: If the data has a sample rate 
of 44100 and your sound card consumes more than 44100 samples per 
"sender-time" second, your buffer will eventually exhaust. If it's the 
other way around, your buffer may overflow if the client does not handle 
these cases properly.

> Anyway what could happen is the client could do a little bit of
> re-sampling here or there to ensure its in sync with the servers
> clock.
That is how streaming clients usually solve this problem, although is 
not really improving sound quality.


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