[Flac-dev] How to handle multiple STREAMINFO blocks?

Lorenzo lornova at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 00:00:51 PST 2010

As far as I know one and only one SREAMINFO should be present at the
beginning of the file:

"A FLAC bitstream consists of the "fLaC" marker at the beginning of the
stream, followed by a mandatory metadata block (called the STREAMINFO
block), any number of other metadata blocks, then the audio frames."


2010/11/16 Brian Waters <brianmwaters at gmail.com>

> I'm writing a program that plays FLAC files using the libFLAC API's.
> Is there a specific way I'm supposed to handle multiple STREAMINFO
> metadata blocks?
> For example, should I ignore all but the first, or all but the last?
> The format spec doesn't mention anything.
> Thanks,
> - Brian Waters
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