[Flac-dev] Strange output of flac -a

Masklinn flac-dev at masklinn.net
Thu Jan 22 10:34:07 PST 2009

The `offset` for the first frame (frame 0) of `flac -a` seems to  
always been set to 42, along with an insane `bits` value, even when  
the flac METADATA block is *much* bigger than 42 bytes. The other  
offsets (from frame 1 onwards) seem to be correct.

Is this expected behavior?

For example: 1 Ghosts I (the first track of Ghosts I-IV, the album is  
under CC license so you can get the track if you need,I can provide it  
if desired/needed).

Metaflac indicates that there are 5 metadata blocks for a total length  
of 311395 bytes (the FLAC tracks of Ghosts I-IV include a ~300k JPEG  
image) so the offset for the first frame would be expected to be  
around 311500 (the offset for frame 1 is 314030 with a frame size of  
2606 bytes).

This behavior was observed and consistent over half a dozen FLAC  
files, and a rapid search on flac's help, the website or google didn't  
yield any information on the subject.

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