[Flac-dev] bitreader optimizations

Miroslav Lichvar lichvarm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 07:23:36 PST 2009

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 06:55:01PM +0100, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> > attached are patches that improve decoding speed a bit. The first
> > patch improves the bit scan macro used for decoding unary values, the
> > second one adds a GCC inline assembly for bswap and the third patch
> > replaces the read_rice_block function.
> The third patch has a bug causing reading past input buffer, attaching
> a fixed version.

Any chance on including these patches? The speedup on non-i386 archs
is quite significant and Fedora packages have the patches included for
more than 9 months, without any bug reports.

Miroslav Lichvar

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