[Flac-dev] Missing dereference in Stream::set_metadata()?

Sayte Pod sayte75 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 04:36:39 PST 2009

So given that there are apparently people on this mailing list, has anyone had a look at this? I've not heard anything back at all.


From: sayte75 at hotmail.com
To: flac-dev at xiph.org
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 19:50:10 +0000
Subject: [Flac-dev] Missing dereference in Stream::set_metadata()?


I seem to have hit a bug with adding meta data to a stream via the C++ interface. I am using FLAC 1.2.1. I've had a look through the email list archive and can't spot anything similar.

The Stream::set_metadata(Prototype) function takes a double pointer which implies that it is expecting an array of pointers to Prototype objects. For example:
    FLAC::Metadata::Prototype       *table[2];
    FLAC::Metadata::VorbisComment   comment;
    FLAC::Metadata::SeekTable       seek;
    table[0] = &seek;
    table[1] = &comment;
    bool bSuccess = encoder->set_metadata( table, 2 );

The assumption from the (very brief) API doxygen is that it will internally convert from FLAC::Metadata::Prototype pointers to FLAC__StreamMetadata pointers. Looking at the code, it does do the conversion but as a straight cast which is therefore nothing more than an assignment. As the two objects are not equivalent, this is a broken conversion. It results in an array of FLAC_SM pointers that return gibberish when used and produces seg faults, infinite memory consumption and other nasty effects!

The code needs to derefence the FLAC::M::P pointer before doing the cast in order to make the compiler call the conversion operator on the object. That is, it should read:
    m[i] = const_cast< ::FLAC__StreamMetadata*>((const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata*)*metadata[i]);

If I make the above change then everything works quite happily and I can produce FLAC files that are exact binary matches with those produced by the flac command line tool.

Is this a genuine bug or am I missing something?


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