[Flac-dev] Possible (bug) in winamp in_flac.dll decoder

engelbert777 at gmx.de engelbert777 at gmx.de
Thu Dec 11 08:07:25 PST 2008

> The best approach would be for you to report this bug directly to the  
> developers of the WinAmp FLAC decoder, and also electriQ.

Also postet it to the developers of electriQ, but it's a closed source  
project and there's not much activity in their forum,
so i'm not sure if anybody is fixing this very soon.
Furthermore I think the problem is more likely in the Winamp2 Flac plugin,  
because also other DSP plugins seem to be affected
by this problem.

> It is often the case that the kinds of bugs you're seeing have nothing  
> to do with the library, and everything to do with the calling  
> application or plugin.
Completely agree with that statement.

> there is a better plugin included with Winamp.
That's true, because this problem does NOT occur in Winamp 5 with their  
new version of in_flac.dll but I don't want to use
Winamp 5 for performance reasons and the new in_flac.dll is not backward  
compatible with winamp2.

> I don't think anybody is maintaining this plugin anymore, as there is  
> little need
That would be a pity but in the link you posted where the source code of  
winamp2 in_flac.dll is available (it's actually the newest
version that i use too) there is an author named jcoalson responsible for  
this plugin i think.
The latest changes in the source files are dated 2008 so probably the  
plugin is not outdated yet.
Does anybody know how to contact jcoalson (Josh Coalson)?

Thank you very much for your fast responses.

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