[Flac-dev] Testing my Flac x64 build

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 17 22:28:11 PDT 2008

--- Markus Ewald <cygon at nuclex.org> wrote:
> Now the funny part: to verify that my x64 build doesn't do anything 
> fishy, I ran both my self-built x86 and my x64 encoder on a test
> song. 
> The files ended up different. Just out of fun, I downloaded the
> official 
> Win32 command line encoder and -- its output matched 100% with the
> x64 
> build! So it's actually my x86 encoder that's doing something
> different. 

that's not necessarily a problem.  due to floating point differences
between architectures, two builds can generate different but correct
flac files.  if they test with '-t' then they're fine.


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