[Flac-dev] Testing my Flac x64 build

Markus Ewald cygon at nuclex.org
Sun Apr 13 10:36:16 PDT 2008


Because I'm currently running Vista x64 I thought I could try to do an 
x64 build of the Flac command line encoder. I used NAnt scripts instead 
of Visual Studio since Visual C++ Express 2008 doesn't support x64 
builds (if anyone's interested, I can clean them up somewhat and send 
them to you).

I took great care to use the exact same arguments for the compiler and 
linker as well as creating an x86 build in parallel to the x64 one.

Now the funny part: to verify that my x64 build doesn't do anything 
fishy, I ran both my self-built x86 and my x64 encoder on a test song. 
The files ended up different. Just out of fun, I downloaded the official 
Win32 command line encoder and -- its output matched 100% with the x64 
build! So it's actually my x86 encoder that's doing something different. 

Is there anything I can do to see why my 32 bits build generates 
different output from the official encoder binary? A test song or some 
kind of testing suite?


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