[Flac-dev] Compression of existing FLAC files

Gordon Gidluck gidluck at alltel.net
Thu May 17 19:02:52 PDT 2007

Hello Karl,
There is a good list of software on the following page:

I have run FLAC frontend on windows XP. There is a tool called MacFLAC on OSX. Both of these are free.

One of those should get you going. If you want to experiment with the command line program flac.exe it is pretty easy to figure out. Run it with flac.exe --help or flac.exe --explain to explain the various program options. 

To just convert a file to FLAC level 5 (the default) you just type...

flac.exe filename.wav

It's that simple.

If you want level 8...

flac.exe -8 filename.wav

You might experiment with encoding levels to see how much space you can save. From my experience, the default level 5 provides reasonable compression. The higher the level, the longer it takes to encode.


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Subject: [Flac-dev] Compression of existing FLAC files
   From: "Karl Bertelsen" <kbert at brainsfood.com>
   Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 12:51:11 -0400
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>Hope you can help,
>I'm quite new to this, so...
>I got a Squeezebox 3 and started ripping with Easy CD-DA Pro 
>to FLAC, and set compression to 0 in the ignorant belief that 
>compression might degrade the file. Now I've got over a Tb of 
>files that I plan on migrating to larger drives. 
>In the process, I'd like to apply an appropriate level of compression.
>Is there a tool and procedure I can use to accomplish this? 
>I've seen various scripts, but haven't tackled script-running, 
>so would really like to work with a GUI, even if I have to pay.
>Also wondering about how a system like SB works with the newer 
>protocols of FLAC... Is it automatic or handled with their 
>upgrades, or what?
>Thanks for your help with this, please be as detailed as possible... 
>there's a lot I don't know!
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